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Re: st: Outreg

From   John Luke Gallup <>
Subject   Re: st: Outreg
Date   Wed, 5 Jun 2013 11:45:02 -0700


I have been slow about responding to this question.  I never thought of combining the coefficient and the standard error in the _same_ table column; you can combine them with the -frmttable- option -doubles-.  This option is available in -outreg- (as all -frmttable- options are), but not documented as such.  It is not possible to put the asterisks between the coefficient and the standard error, but they can be placed to the right of the standard error.

The following code accomplishes this:

sysuse auto, clear
reg mpg weight length
matrix dbl = (0,1)
outreg, se doubles(dbl) dbldiv("(") nosubstat brackets("",")") starloc(1)

This uses a trick to get the parentheses around the standard error.  It changes the character which separates the two statistics put in one column (originally designed for things like confidence intervals) to be an open parenthesis, using the -dbldiv- option.  It then changes the -brackets- option to have only a close parenthesis.

I had to make a small change in -frmttable- to accommodate this command.  Make sure -outreg- (which bundles -frmttable-) is updated to version 4.27.  Use the command -which outreg- to find the current version installed, and -ssc install outreg, replace- to update.


On Apr 25, 2013, at 2:54 AM, Wameq Raza <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I was hoping someone would be able to help me with a specific outreg
> function that I've been trying to get at. At the moment this is the
> command I'm using for multiple equations (but I'm listing just one for
> brevity):
> xtreg lni $itt $dem_i $ses_i if kanpur==1 | allahabad==1, fe
> outreg using table_itt,  multicol(1,2,6; 1,8,6; 1,14,2; 2,2,2; 2,4,2;
> 2,6,2; 2,8,2; 2,10,2; 2,12,2; 2,14,2) basefont(fs9) coljust(c)
> ctitle("Variable", "Inpatient"\ "", "Pooled"\"", "Coeff", "Std Err")
> title ("Table 1: ITT: Fixed Effects OLS coefficients for health care
> expenses at the Household Level") starloc(1) starlevels(10 5 1) merge
> note("The figures show coefficients and standard errors for each
> category") se replace
> The output I'm getting:
> vars              Coefficient       SE
> x                     -0.23**        0.01
> But I'm trying to have one column that shows the coeff and the se
> right beside it in brackets like this to save space as I'm ending up
> with around 15 columns in total:
> vars              Coefficient/SE
> x                     -0.23**(0.01)
> Is this possible?
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> Wameq
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