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Re: st: Bar Graph Chart

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Bar Graph Chart
Date   Mon, 3 Jun 2013 13:08:32 +0100

(People interested in this kind of thing should also look at the
thread started by Andrea Bennett

including my posts there.)

If you made the labels much smaller, they would be very hard to read.

It seems to me that what you are seeing is an inevitable consequence
of using a (vertical) bar chart. You run out of space to show text.

Go horizontal! In particular, look at -statplot- on SSC. Here is an example.

 webuse citytemp

 clonevar temp1 = tempjan

clonevar temp7 = tempjuly

 label var temp1 "January"

label var temp7 "July"

statplot temp1 temp7, over(region) over(division) nofill stat(count)


On 3 June 2013 09:33, Keniajin Wambui <> wrote:
> Thanks Nick,
> graph bar (count) tempjan tempjuly, by(region, row(1)) over(division)
> asyvars nofill
> is very close to what I want, but the problem is the label sizes,
> I am trying over(division ,label(labsize(tiny))) but it still shows
> the labels large in size.
> On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 8:03 PM, Nick Cox <> wrote:
>> Is this closer to what you want?
>>  graph bar (count) tempjan tempjuly, by(region) over(division) asyvars nofill
>> graph bar (count) tempjan tempjuly, by(region, row(1)) over(division)
>> asyvars nofill
>> Nick
>> On 31 May 2013 15:02, Keniajin Wambui <> wrote:
>>> Hi All;
>>> I am using Stata 12 on windows 7. I want to do a bar graph of two
>>> variables with each bar colored differently according to regions
>>> Using one variable its working perfectly
>>> webuse citytemp
>>> graph bar (count) tempjan , over(region) over(division) asyvars stack
>>> but when i try
>>> webuse citytemp
>>> graph bar (count) tempjan tempjuly, over(region) over(division) asyvars stack
>>> the over(region) over(division)  both of them are moved to the x-axis.
>>> How can I make sure the using two variables rremains the same as for
>>> one variable.
>>> --
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