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Re: st: troubles with -import excel-

From   William Buchanan <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: troubles with -import excel-
Date   Sat, 13 Apr 2013 08:52:19 -0700

Try saving the file with the extension .xlsx.  I think it has something to do with the different file structures and the move to compressed archives with XML with the more recent editions of Office.  I've had similar problems myself in the past and that has typically solved it.  


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On Apr 13, 2013, at 8:36, Stas Kolenikov <> wrote:

> I have some weird issues with opening Excel files from a network
> drive. This may have to do with the potentially complicated
> sharing/ownership/permission structure, but here's what it is:
> . import excel using "W:\Restricted
> Projects\Project001\MyExcelFile.xls" , cellrange( c7 ) sheet("Sheet1")
> file W:\Restricted Projects\Project001\MyExcelFile.xls could not be loaded
> r(603);
> . ls "W:\Restricted Projects\Project001\MyExcelFile.xls"
> 234.0k   4/08/13  9:36  MyExcelFile.xls
> OK, so far so good, the file exists. I can copy and move it around in
> the file manager (Windows Explorer).
> When I try to import it from the GUI, the error message is more
> detailed, but still cryptic:
> Unable to load Excel file.
> Error: "The central directory was not found in the archive (or you
> were trying to open not the last volume of a segmented archive)."
> I can open other Excel files in this Project001 directory, though. So
> I thought it had to do with the Excel file itself. It is automatically
> produced by another program, and I am not sure how good it is to
> produce fully MS-compatible files (which is what Stata apparently
> hopes for). The problem isn't with the contents of these cells, as I
> am able to read these cells from another Excel file to which Sheet1 of
> MyExcelFile.xls was copied and pasted.
> Any suggestions?
> -- Stas Kolenikov, PhD, PStat (SSC)
> -- Senior Survey Statistician, Abt SRBI
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> position of my employer
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