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st: count number of events in a month and carry forward to next month

From   <Redacted>
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Subject   st: count number of events in a month and carry forward to next month
Date   Tue, 7 Aug 2012 18:39:31 +0000

Dear Statalist,
I have been reading your suggestions in the and they are very useful. Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Well I am trying to determine number of events (total number of contracts) in a month for a given year to date/month data. 
Now the categories are Active, Pending (contract signed date to contract end date) and Sold.
When a House is signed for contract till the contract is closed, it's in "Pending" state.
Once the contract is closed, house is considered to be in "Sold" state.
When a house comes to market, it's called Active.
The number of houses which are in pending state are carry forwarded to next month's data, so I need to include in to the next months count also.

I was trying to do is, to find out number of houses which are in "active", "pending" and "sold" states, in a month. I have year to month data, with contract signed date and contract end date.
I need to read the raw data which has all the date and generate a excel sheet with above stats.

Ex: House "A" is active on 1st of Aug 2012. Then contract was signed on it on "3rd Aug 2012" and contract ended on "10th Aug 2012" and went to Sold state from "11th Aug 2012". The program which we were having is just showing number of active house on starting and ending of the month. In this case we are missing "houses which went to Pending" state, which I am trying to achieve now.
If another House "B" went to Active to Pending and remained in Pending till end of the month, it should carry forward to next month's count and another house "C" went from Active to Pending in Sept, then Pending houses count in Aug should be 2 (house A and  B) and in Sept should be 2(house B and C).

Could you please help me and I would be very grateful for your suggestions.

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