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st: work with larger string length

From   tashi lama <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: work with larger string length
Date   Tue, 27 Mar 2012 14:57:51 +0000

Hellow All, 

       I posted a question related to this earlier and received favorable answers although I am not sure if I completely understand the science. I have dared to post this question again. Any help will be highly appreciated. 


I have a dataset of some 48 variables and the nature of my problem obliges me to have all variables start with hit. when I ran this code, 


              foreach x of varlist hit* {
              local varlist_new=subinstr("`varlist'", "`x'","",1)
               di "`varlist_new'"
               egen tot_`x'=rowtotal(`varlist_new')


The problem was I did get answers but the upon close analysis, the answers were incorrect. I am assuming it must be because the length of my string variables exceed 244. Now, I was advised to use extended subinstr function, which seem to work. Further I wrote a code below, which also works. 




                                    foreach x of  varlist hits* {
                                                              gen temp=`x'
                                                               replace  `x'=.
                                                              egen tot_`x'=rowtotal(hits*)
                                                              replace `x'=temp
                                                              drop temp




My question is 


1. since string limit is 244, what is it about extended function subinstr that makes string limitation non issue. Does extended function increase the acceptable string length which I think is unlikely? 


2. The code without subinstr works and again, it sounds like string limitation is a non issue. Again, is the code increasing the accepateble length of the string??


3. when I use length command to find the length of the string in stata12, I get unrecognized command. Any idea. 




Thanks so much...

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