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Re: st: latex output for "table"

From   Eric Booth <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: latex output for "table"
Date   Thu, 8 Mar 2012 22:27:12 -0600


Hi Abhishek:

-tabout- (from SSC by the way) outputs statistics (like mean and SD) that are placed in cells that are side-by-side in the exported table. There is no way (that I've ever encountered) to instruct -tabout- to stack your stats in the same way they are in the -table- output(without manipulating your row variable in some way).  Be sure to consult this document from Ian Watson for more help on this package:

Here are 3 ways I'd might use to approach this issue:

1. If you are not concerned about the stacking and just want a standard -tabout- LaTeX table with the mean and SD, then Example 1 below will create a table with mean and sd placed side-by-side.  This is the standard layout for this information using -tabout-.

2. If you do desire the stacking, then you can reshape a collapsed version of your data to produce some data that can be used by -tabout- to produce your LaTeX code.  Examples 2 does exactly this (though there may be more straightforward ways to get there).

3. Finally, if you go through the trouble of collapsing and reshaping your data to produce a dataset that just needs the LaTeX code wrapped around it (via -tabout-), you could instead use the user-written command -texsave- (from SSC) to output your table with LaTeX code.  Example 3 below does this.

The example code below produces these 3 tables in LaTeX (click for pdf version):

*********************!Begin Example
*-----watch for wrapping issues below

*-----fake data
sysuse auto, clear
replace rep78 = cond(rep78>3, 0, 1) //create binary var for table
table for rep78, c(mean price sd price)

*-----EXAMPLE 1: standard tabout example (sd next to mean)
for A in num 0/1: g priceA = price if rep78 ==A //old school loop
tabout for `x' using `"table1.tex"', replace  sum /// 
	c(mean price0 sd price0 mean price1 sd price1)  ///
	f(1cm) clab(Mean-Not SD-Not Mean-Repair SD-Repair) ///
	  npos(lab) ptotal(both)  ///
	style(tex) bt font(bold)   /// 
	topf(top.tex) botf(bot.tex) botstr(7cm)  ///
	topstr( \caption{ Stats for \textbf{`:var lab price' `x'}})
drop price?

*-----alternatives with mean stacked above sd
 //EXAMPLE2: using collapse and tabout//

  *reshape data*
collapse (mean) rep2 = price (sd) rep3 = price, by(for rep78)
 reshape wide rep2 rep3, i(for) j(rep78)
 reshape long rep@0 rep@1, i(foreign) j(stat)
list //this looks like the -table- command

lab var rep0 "No Repairs"
lab var rep1 "Repairs"
replace stat = 4 if for ==1 & stat ==2
replace stat = 5 if for ==1 & stat ==3
lab def s 2 "Domestic-Mean" 3 "Domestic-SD" ///
	4 "Foreign-Mean" 5 "Foreign-SD" , modify
lab val stat s

tabout stat using `"table1.tex"', append  sum /// 
	c(mean rep0 mean rep1) h2(nil) ///
	f(1cm) clab(No_Repairs Repairs) ///
	ptotal(none) style(tex) bt font(bold)   /// 
	topf(top.tex) botf(bot.tex) botstr(7cm)  ///
	topstr( \caption{ Second Example: Stats for Price } )	
//EXAMPLE 3: using collapse and texsave//
 *install texsave*
cap which texsave
if _rc ssc install texsave
 *export file*
 decode stat, g(stat2)
 drop stat foreign
 order stat2
lab var stat2 "Foreign Status"
texsave *  using "table2.tex" , size(2) ///
   width(0.6\textwidth) title("Third example") ///
   hlines(2) replace varlabels frag location(ht)	

*********************!End Example



Eric A. Booth
Public Policy Research Institute 
Texas A&M University
[email protected]

On Mar 8, 2012, at 4:47 PM, Abhishek wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a simple query that I've been having trouble with. How do I get
> the following into a table? I've tried tabout, but it doesnt seem to
> work, but perhaps I dont understand it well.
> table var1 var2, c(mean statistic sd statistic)
> I want output that looks something like this:
> ------------------------------
>           |       var2
> var1 |        0         1
> -----------+-------------------
>        0 |  .157895   .182796
>           | .5234516  .6133507
>           |
>        1 |  .666667   1.15054
>           | 1.309673  1.693152
> ------------------------------
> Thanks,
> ~A
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