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Re: st: how to rename a set of variables using foreach

From   Ekaterina Hertog <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: how to rename a set of variables using foreach
Date   Mon, 06 Feb 2012 22:32:59 +0000

Dear Nick and Phil, thank you very much for the advice.
I use Stata 12.1 and Nick's solution worked perfectly.
I also managed to tweak Phil's solution so it works by renaming inccat1 and inccat2 manually before doing the transformation.

On 05/02/2012 12:18, Nick Cox wrote:
By string commands I imagine you mean string functions (an important

Statalist protocol is that you are assumed to be using Stata 12.1
unless you specify otherwise.
That being so, -help rename- is in principle the place to start.

But the main problem here is that when you start renaming  -inccatd1-
is already a name in use and every renaming command known to me
(including -renvars-, SJ) will fail without an extra trick. This
should work

renpfix inccat fooinccat
renvars fooinccat1-fooinccat14 \ inccat3-inccat12

and there will be a -rename- alternative in Stata 12.1 except that at
this minute I can't test it.


Ekaterina Hertog<>  wrote:
I have a dataset with several dummy variables for income categories named:

inccatd1 inccatd2 inccatd3 inccatd4 inccatd5 etc till inccatd14

and I'd like to go 2 steps down in the numbers of income categories: i.e. I
want inccatd3 to become inccatd1 etc.
  and I cannot quite figure out whether I can do it with foreach or not and
all the advice I found so far is on using string commands.
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