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re:st: geocode command and google query limit

From   Erik Lindsley <>
Subject   re:st: geocode command and google query limit
Date   Mon, 06 Feb 2012 07:36:25 -0600

Having worked with Google's Geocode API before....
1) Anonymous people (without previous violations against them) get ~2000 queries per day (sliding window).
You can get a non-anonymous account which will let you query more, but unless you are a non-profit or educator, you will need to pay $.
(Not that expensive really, and if the service is that useful to you why shouldn't you pay for it???)

2) Yes, google takes your past into account. Wait a few days and the limit should climb back up to ~2000/day

3) No. wrote:
> Dear Stata users,
> I ve used the -geocode- command/.ado to locate institutions using the
> fulladdress option (using number, street, city, country information).
> However, for a high percentage of requests I made I got the error code
> 620 (Google query limit reached). I am wondering what the best
> procedure is to deal with this issue.
> So far I did loops over requests until a sufficiently high share of
> observations were geolocated and then I discretionally geocoded the
> unlocated observations using the Google web interface. However, I feel
> that this procedure is highly frustrating and there might be better
> procedures. Hence, the following questions popped into my mind:
> 1. Does anybody have a better idea how to deal with this issue (or, in
> other words, how to game Google's query limit)?
> 2. Does anybody know how this query limit is set by Google? The number
> of successful requests is decreasing in the requests requested so far
> - - but which which requests in the past does Google take into
> consideration? What is the critical number of requests when the limit
> is applied strictly?
> 3. Is it helpful to pause in between the requests (e.g. using the
> - -sleep- command)? How long should I pause it?
> Thankful for any suggestions.
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