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RE: st: Bootstrap to compare ROC area on imputed dataset

From   Cameron McIntosh <>
Subject   RE: st: Bootstrap to compare ROC area on imputed dataset
Date   Thu, 17 Nov 2011 15:36:22 -0500


You're asking for both specific Stata code and more general methodological guidance. I can try to take a bit of a crack at the latter. Bootstrapping in conjunction with imputation is quite intensive, although it can of course be done (after all, the two are similar in a number of ways):

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Essentially, what you want is D=(AUC1-AUC2)/SE_b,

where AUC1 and AUC2 are the original AUCs from the two models being compared, and SE_b is the standard error of the bootstrapped AUC differences. I don't imagine this would be very hard to program, perhaps in R if not in Stata.  I think you would just bootstrap from each imputed data set so this would expand the number of replications as follows: k imputations * b bootstrap samples.  You also definitely need to see (and you might want to try the empirical likelihood approach):

Long, Q., Zhang, X., & Hsu, C.-H. (2011). Nonparametric multiple imputation for receiver operating characteristics analysis when some biomarker values are missing at random. Statistics in Medicine, Early View.;jsessionid=63E100FD9A64CCB7B6C8E6D57CA08581.d01t02

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Liu, D., & Zhou, X.-H. (2010). A model for adjusting for nonignorable verification bias in estimation of the ROC curve and its area with likelihood-based approach. Biometrics, 66(4), 1119-1128.

Hope this helps,


>Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 18:04:56 +0100> Subject: st: Bootstrap to compare ROC area on imputed dataset> From:
> To:
> We are analysing discriminating capacity of a clinical score. Because
> of some missing values we had to use imputed dataset. We have now
> constructed a new clinical score and want to compare the new with an
> old, using bootstrap.
> We have used mim, category(combine) est(r(area)) se(r(se)) : roctab
> diagnosis score1, summary to analyse the combined ROC area of the
> imputed datasets. However we want to compare two different models and
> would normally use roctab for this, but this does not work with mim,
> category(combine).
> We also want to make a bootstrapped analysis of the diagnostic
> properties of a new clinical score on the imputed dataset.
> We would appreciate any help on how to do the bootstrapping of the ROC
> areas and comparing two areas on the imputed dataset.
> Regards
> Roland Andersson
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