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Re:Re: st: how to keep the pictures

From   conantiancai_stata <>
Subject   Re:Re: st: how to keep the pictures
Date   Wed, 16 Nov 2011 21:53:36 +0800 (CST)

Dear Maarten: Thanks a lot for you "teaching" a lesson to me who is a green-hand here.Is this format acceptable? and one of my questions is how can I see two or more photos at the same time,say,one is on the left side of my screen and the other is on the right side of my screen,which is convenience for comparison in geometry. Best Regrads Poro -------------------------- Poro M. Zhang Zhongnan University of Economics and Law 182# Nanhu Avenue, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan 430073 P.R.China -------------------------- At 2011-11-16 21:23:02,"Maarten Buis" <> wrote: >2011/11/16 conantiancai_stata : >> when i run the command "histogram" for x and y , I can only get the histogram of the latter one. the histogram of x just flashes and disappears. There seems to be no "back" button in stata. how could I switch the histograms of x and y freely instead of using the command "histogram" again? can the stata keep the two histogr!
 am at the same time? > >To quote the statalist FAQ: >"It is long-standing practice on Statalist that most members, >especially the most active members who supply a large fraction of the >answers, post using their real names. This is one of the ways in which >we show respect to others. So we discourage you from posting from >behind fake names or identifiers. Such handles are particularly >objectionable if they include the word “Stata” in some way. Please >note that many members are less inclined to answer anonymous emails, >sometimes to the point of ignoring them on principle. These choices >are personal, but your chances of eliciting a good reply are greatly >diminished if you write and conceal your identity. Conversely, if you >decide just to watch and read on the list, your email identity remains >entirely up to you." > >you can preserve the graphs by using the -name()- option (to read >more: type in Stata -help name_option-) > >Hope this helps, >Maarten > >------------!
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