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st: a model that runs in LISREL, but not in Stata 12. Any suggestions?

From   Jonathan Richards <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: a model that runs in LISREL, but not in Stata 12. Any suggestions?
Date   Mon, 14 Nov 2011 17:45:00 +0000

Hey everybody-

This is a follow-up to some messages last week. I ran a model in LISREL, and am trying to run it in Stata 12, but I can't get the model to converge in Stata 12. The LISREL and Stata 12 code are posted below.

(Cam and Richard, if you see this, thanks for your feedback on this subject last week. To answer some of the questions that you two raised:
-The normalizations of the latent factors are the same in the LISREL and the Stata 12.
-I'm not specifying starting values in LISREL, and it converges. In Stata 12, I've run the model without specifying initial values, and specifying many different initial values - still no luck.
-I am giving a stratifying variable and clustering variable in both.)

I'm stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




LISREL code:

DA NI=60 NO=2077 MA=CM CL=12 ST=22
RA FI='C:\Documents and Settings\Brent Richards\My Documents\dissertation\noncogs\Young Lives\UKDA-5307-stata8\stata8\forLISREL1.psf' 
16 17 21 19 20 /
lnc5 lc5 
FR LX(2,1) LX(3,1) LX(5,2) 
VA 1 LX(1,1) 
VA 1 LX(4,2) 

Stata 12 code:

svy: sem (LNC5@1 -> perprescmc) (LNC5 -> travalonmc) (LNC5 -> bratmc) (LCCG5@1 -> ppvtmc) 
(LCCG5 ->mathmc) ///
(perprescmc <- _cons@0) (travalonmc <- _cons@0) (bratmc <- _cons@0) (ppvtmc <- _cons@0) 
(mathmc <- _cons@0), ///
covstructure(e.perprescmc e.travalonmc e.bratmc e.ppvtmc e.mathmc, diag) nocons ///
iterate(1000) latent(LNC5 LCCG5) var(e.ppvtmc, init(441)) var(e.mathmc, init(6.656)) ///
var(e.perprescmc, init(3.37)) var(e.bratmc, init(0.18)) var(e.travalonmc, init(0.49)) ///

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