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Re: st: Multinomial Logit Model - Cramer Ridder Test

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: Multinomial Logit Model - Cramer Ridder Test
Date   Mon, 14 Nov 2011 08:27:25 -0500

At 01:18 AM 11/14/2011, Ian Li wrote:
Dear Statalisters,

I am using Stata 11.2 on a Windows OS.

I am estimating a multinomial logit model with 7 categorical outcomes. As the estimated log odds ratio and marginal effects for some of the outcomes (e.g.) are insignificant in statistical and economic terms, I would like to do a Cramer Ridder test (see Cramer J.S. and Ridder G. (1991), "Pooling States in the Multinomial Logit Model", Journal of Econometrics, 47, 267-272).

There is a user-written program for this test:

package crtest from

      Distribution-Date: 20031203

      Author:  Joao Pedro Azevedo, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
      Support: email

However, when I estimate the logit model and use the test I get the following output and error message:

. mlogit overed  female noneng nonaust if year == 2009, vce (robust)

This is an old program. Older post-estimation commands often require that the estimation command be run using version control. Try something like

version 7: mlogit overed  female noneng nonaust if year == 2009, robust

Alternatively, consider uninstalling -crtest- and installing -spost9- instead. The -mlogtest- command that is included can test for whether categories can be combined. I am not sure how, or if, it differs from what -crtest- does.

As a sidelight, -crtest- includes its own copy of _pecats.ado. I consider this bad form, because _pecats.ado is a Long and Freese command that is part of their suites, and the version included with -crtests- is several years behind the current version. It may have been included with permission, but if it was me I would have renamed it to avoid conflicts with other programs. I tried to install -crtests- and got these warning messages about overwriting existing files, which I do not want to do.

Richard Williams, Notre Dame Dept of Sociology
OFFICE: (574)631-6668, (574)631-6463
HOME:   (574)289-5227
EMAIL:  Richard.A.Williams.5@ND.Edu

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