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Re: st: Hiding Variables

From (Jared Stewart, StataCorp LP)
Subject   Re: st: Hiding Variables
Date   Wed, 26 Oct 2011 15:25:50 -0500

Vikram <> asked about hiding variables 
in the Data Editor.

> I am using a file with around 500 variables and actually i am
> using only around 20 of them. So, sometimes its hard to find the
> variable i am looking for. So, is there any way i can hide the
> variables from variables box?

There are several methods available for hiding variables in the Data
Editor. One functionality added in Stata 12 is the ability to filter
variables based on search criteria.  When the Data Editor is open,
the Variables window is at the top right of the layout by default.
Enter a search term or string in the filter bar at the top of the
Variables window.  This will filter variables down to only the 
variables whose names contain the search term.

Another method for viewing select variables is to use the -edit- and/or
-browse- commands. From the help entry for these commands:

    edit brings up a spreadsheet-style data editor for entering new data
    and editing existing data.  edit is a better alternative to input;
    see [D] input.

    browse is similar to edit, except that modifications to the data by
    editing in the grid are not permitted.  browse is a convenient
    alternative to list; see [D] list.

    See [GS] 6 Using the Data Editor (GSM, GSU, or GSW) for a tutorial
    discussion of the Data Editor.  This entry provides technical

Both of these commands will accept a variable list, so you can view only
the variables you specify. As you've already discovered, from the Data 
Editor you can check/uncheck the boxes next to the variable names to 
show/hide selected variables.

-- Jared

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