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st: reshape

From   Abu Camara <>
Subject   st: reshape
Date   Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:18:12 +0300

Dear Statalist,

I am trying to reshape from wide to long using the following command
but I get the error as reported below .
/**reshape	long	yr,	i(country)	j(year) **/
I know country is not unique because indicator has 4 levels and
country is repeated. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

**--error message----------
reshape long yr, i(country) j(year)
(note: j = 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010)
i=country does not uniquely identify the observations;
there are multiple observations with the same value of country.
Type "reshape error" for a listing of the problem observations.

**---------------------sample data-----------------------------------.
country	indicator	yr2004	yr2005	yr2006	yr2007	yr2008	yr2009	yr2010
Albania	4	3.60E+09	4.00E+09	4.50E+09	5.50E+09	6.70E+09	6.00E+09	6.00E+09
Albania	1	1.50E+09	1.60E+09	1.70E+09	2.00E+09	2.20E+09	2.10E+09	2.00E+09
Albania	3				1.80E+09	2.10E+09	2.00E+09	2.00E+09
Albania	2	1.40E+09	1.50E+09	1.60E+09	1.80E+09	2.10E+09	2.00E+09	2.00E+09
Algeria	2	4.40E+10	5.90E+10	6.90E+10	7.80E+10	1.00E+11	6.60E+10	
Algeria	4	2.60E+10	2.90E+10	3.30E+10	3.90E+10	5.00E+10	4.10E+10	
Algeria	1	8.00E+09	7.90E+09	8.80E+09	1.00E+10	1.10E+10	1.40E+10	
Algeria	3	5.10E+09	5.70E+09	6.10E+09	6.70E+09	7.50E+09	7.30E+09	
Azerbaijan	4	2.70E+09	3.20E+09	4.70E+09	7.60E+09	1.00E+10	1.20E+10	1.30E+10
Azerbaijan	1	9.50E+08	1.20E+09	1.50E+09	2.20E+09	2.70E+09	3.10E+09	3.40E+09
Bahrain	4							
Bahrain	1							
Bangladesh	3	8.80E+09	9.60E+09	1.00E+10	1.20E+10	1.40E+10	1.50E+10	1.70E+10
Bangladesh	2	1.40E+10	1.60E+10	1.70E+10	1.90E+10	2.20E+10	2.50E+10	2.80E+10
Benin	2	5.40E+08	5.80E+08					
Benin	3	3.10E+08	3.20E+08					

Best Wishes,

Abu Camara
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