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st: Stata/MP really exploiting my processor's 4 cores?

Subject   st: Stata/MP really exploiting my processor's 4 cores?
Date   Mon, 12 Sep 2011 11:13:18 -0500

Patrik Morgetz <> wonders whether his Stata/MP is using all
the cores on his machine:

> These days I am running quite intensive processes in Stata (bootstrapping and
> multinomial probit, both on large datasets)....  I did not notice a dramatic
> improvement in the performance, so I am wondering whether it is really taking
> advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of my processor. To make
> sure about it, I closed every other program and put Stata to run the time
> consuming bootstrapping process, then I opened the Windows Task Manager to
> take a look to the performance tab where it shows the CPU usage (it shows 8
> slots, I guess, 2 threads per every core), and I expected to see a high CPU
> usage in every slot there, because it would suggest it is actually parallel
> processing. But it didn't, it just shows one of the CPU-8 slots at its maximum
> usage, and the others at very low usage levels. I then tried running other
> Stata commands and the result was the same (one CPU-slot at top usage and
> the others at very low levels).

Without knowing all the details, it is impossible to comment on Patrik's claim.
As discussed in the white paper (,
Stata/MP produces impressive speed ups for a wide variety of applications.
Patrik should contact Stata Technical support at so that
they can help him with his specification.  Patrik should send in his do file and
an example of a large dataset that is causing the problem.

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