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st: Merging files based on name and year

From   Joseph Monte <[email protected]>
To   statalist <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Merging files based on name and year
Date   Thu, 25 Aug 2011 09:24:16 +0100

Dear Statalisters,

I would appreciate help on this issue.

The file below is the master file containing names of companies and
years. ABC Inc is one company, XYZ Corp is another company, PNG LLC is
a third company. I have a total of 1100 different companies. As shown
below, sometimes two or more companies are listed in the same field
(there are a maximum of 5 companies listed in the same field). The
year column has only one year for each observation. There are a total
of 800 observations in this file.

name			year					
ABC Inc			1986					
XYZ Corp		        1994					
ABC Inc XYZ Corp	2001					
PNG LLC			2005					
XYZ Corp PNG LLC	2007		

I have a second file with data in the following format. The 1100
companies are listed as shown below. YR8084 means the years 1980-1984,
YR8591 means the years 1985-1991, and so on. The numbers below each
year are scores assigned to each company during a certain period. For
example, ABC Inc is assigned a score of 6 during 1980-1984, 7 from
1985-1991, and 9 from 2001-2004. ABC Inc is not assigned a score
during other periods. Scores range from 1 to 9 and may be up to 3
decimal places.

name		YR8084	YR8591	YR9200	YR0104	YR0507	YR0809
ABC Inc		    6	             7	                            9		
XYZ Corp	                             2		     5	            6		   6
PNG LLC		                     7	             7	            7	
 7	             7

I want the master file to include a column with scores as shown below.
For example, ABC Inc gets a score of 7 in 1986, XYZ Corp gets a score
of 5 in 1994. For observations with two or more names, I want a simple
average of scores. For example, for ABC Inc XYZ Corp, the score will
be (9+6)/2=7.5. If a company has a year in the master file, then it
definitely has a score for that year (i.e. time period) in the second

name			year	            score				
ABC Inc			1986	               7				
XYZ Corp		        1994	               5				
ABC Inc XYZ Corp	2001	              7.5				
PNG LLC			2005	               7				
XYZ Corp PNG LLC	2007	              6.5				

I am using Stata 12. I expect I would need the -regexm()- command to
split the company names, then -reshape- to get all company names one
below the other and then -merge-. Since there are 1100 companies, I
would need some kind of a loop to use the -regexm() command. I am
having trouble writing the code.


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