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Re: st: import excel-file too big

From   Eric Booth <[email protected]>
To   "<[email protected]>" <[email protected]>
Subject   Re: st: import excel-file too big
Date   Mon, 22 Aug 2011 15:44:01 +0000


I've never gotten -odbc- to work nicely with the Mac version (I suspect this is due to using 3rd party/free drivers), so I usually use Roger Newson's -stcmd- (from SSC) to automate using the program StatTransfer to convert the excel files to comma/tab delimited files or directly to Stata .dta files in a loop.  

You might be able to use -import excel- with the 'cellrange()' option to get around the 'file too big' error (?).  You could import the top half of each file and the bottom half and then concatenate them together.  You might have to experiment to find the range where the file becomes to big to import into Stata and then select a cell range that is smaller than this limit. So, in pseudo-code if you had 2 variables:

global files: "mydir" files "*.xlsx", respectcase
foreach x of global files {
	import excel using "`x'", clear firstrow cellra(A1:B????)
	sa "top", replace
	import excel using "`x'", clear firstrow cellra(A????+1:B???????) // B??... should be the max rows in all your files (for me it's B1048000)
	sa "bottom", replace	
	**append top/bottom together**
	u "top", clear
	append using "bottom"
	sa "`x'.dta", replace
Of course finding the max number of rows and the number of variables in your large excel files becomes another challenge.  I created some test data with 1048000 obs and 50 random vars.  I -outsheet-ed this data to a tab delimited file.  I then opened and saved them in Excel (Office 2011 for Mac OSX) in .xlsx format.  Next, I saved this as xlsx and tried to import to Stata using the command:  

 import excel using "test.xlsx", clear firstrow

and it imported all the rows /vars without the "file too big" error.  When I tried created a file with more than 1048000 rows, Excel only loaded part of the file (Office 2011 for Mac OSX -- maybe there are different capacities for different versions?), so I apparently cannot create a larger test file with Excel.  

- Eric
Eric A. Booth
Public Policy Research Institute
Texas A&M University
[email protected]
Office: +979.845.6754

On Aug 22, 2011, at 8:30 AM, Ricardo Ovaldia wrote:

> Hello,
> I wrote an -do- file that first imports a series of excel sheets into Stata  using the -import- command.
> However, some of the sheets are too big and I get the corresponding error message "File too big".
> I can convert the sheet to a tab delimited txt file and use -insheet- to import. That works, but this is tedious because I have lots of files and they will change from time to time.
> Is there a way (code) to create the  tab delimited txt file from inside the -do- program? Or does anyone have an alternative that can be automated?
> Thank you,
> Ricardo
> Ricardo Ovaldia, MS
> Statistician 
> Oklahoma City, OK
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