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Re: st: Click response changes from Stata 10 Win 7 Pro to Stata 12 Mac OS X Lion,

From   [email protected]
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Click response changes from Stata 10 Win 7 Pro to Stata 12 Mac OS X Lion,
Date   Mon, 15 Aug 2011 12:06:23 -0500

Gabi Huiber <[email protected]> wrote:

> 1. Mac OS X claims "no such file or directory" for a directory that's
> clearly there. In this case, I am trying to obliterate the saved state
> of Stata -- that is, "rm -R" the folder "~/Library/Saved Application
> State/com.stata.Stata12.savedState". Here's what's in the terminal:
> Gabis-Mac:~ ghuiber$ ls ~/Library | grep Saved
> Saved Application State
> Gabis-Mac:~ ghuiber$ ls "~/Library/Saved Application State/"
> ls: ~/Library/Saved Application State/: No such file or directory
> Gabis-Mac:~ ghuiber$

Gabi's first question is about Mac OS X, not Stata.  In Mac OS X (or really any
Unix), tilde expansion does not work inside quotes from a shell.  ls ~ means
list your home directory.  ls "~" means list the file or directory named "~",
not your home directory.  You could've entered:

$ ls ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/

or even

$ ls ~/"Library/Saved Application State/"

> 2. In Stata 10 MP for Windows 7 Pro, if the "more" behavior was on, I
> used to be able to simply hit "Enter" and I would get another
> screenful. Now I have to make sure first that when I hit "Return",
> that behavior is recorded by the Command window, not the Review
> window. Otherwise, "Return" will just launch the same command again
> (in this case, "ls ~/Library"), and show me the same first screenful.
> In other words, I keep having to click first on the window I mean to
> have active whatever I'm doing. That's fair enough, I guess, but my
> recollection is that Stata under Windows used to be smarter about this
> stuff. Generally, I'm doing more clicking around in Stata 12 for Mac
> than I did in Stata 10 for Windows, and the whole experience doesn't
> feel like an improvement.

The Review and Variables windows, by default, allow keyboard navigation.  This
allows you to use the Review and Variables windows without having to rely on a
mouse.  For example, you can set the focus to the Review window using a
keyboard shortcut, use the up/down cursor keys to highlight a command (press
shift to select multiple commands), then press space to put the command(s) in
the Command window or press enter to enter the command(s).  The rule is that
if a command is selected in the Review window and the Review window has the
keyboard focus, pressing space or enter will submit it to the Command window.
If no command is selected, pressing space or enter gets passed to the Command

If you don't like this behavior and prefer that all key presses in the Review
and/or Variables windows get passed to the Command window, open the General
Preferences dialog, select the Windows toolbar item, select either the Review
or Variables tab, and uncheck the Allow keyboard navigation checkbox.

-Chinh Nguyen
 [email protected]

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