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Re: st: Click response changes from Stata 10 Win 7 Pro to Stata 12 Mac OS X Lion,

From   Gabi Huiber <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Click response changes from Stata 10 Win 7 Pro to Stata 12 Mac OS X Lion,
Date   Sun, 14 Aug 2011 14:23:46 -0700

There are two more Stata for Mac annoyances I just ran into. I will
document them here in case other Stata users have run across them,
though they may be more Mac-related than Stata-related. Here goes:

1. Mac OS X claims "no such file or directory" for a directory that's
clearly there. In this case, I am trying to obliterate the saved state
of Stata -- that is, "rm -R" the folder "~/Library/Saved Application
State/com.stata.Stata12.savedState". Here's what's in the terminal:

Gabis-Mac:~ ghuiber$ ls ~/Library | grep Saved
Saved Application State
Gabis-Mac:~ ghuiber$ ls "~/Library/Saved Application State/"
ls: ~/Library/Saved Application State/: No such file or directory
Gabis-Mac:~ ghuiber$

Running the latter "ls" in the Stata command line fares no better.

2. In Stata 10 MP for Windows 7 Pro, if the "more" behavior was on, I
used to be able to simply hit "Enter" and I would get another
screenful. Now I have to make sure first that when I hit "Return",
that behavior is recorded by the Command window, not the Review
window. Otherwise, "Return" will just launch the same command again
(in this case, "ls ~/Library"), and show me the same first screenful.
In other words, I keep having to click first on the window I mean to
have active whatever I'm doing. That's fair enough, I guess, but my
recollection is that Stata under Windows used to be smarter about this
stuff. Generally, I'm doing more clicking around in Stata 12 for Mac
than I did in Stata 10 for Windows, and the whole experience doesn't
feel like an improvement.

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