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st: -esttab- question

From   Alberto R Osella <[email protected]>
To   "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Subject   st: -esttab- question
Date   Mon, 01 Aug 2011 14:24:53 +0200

Hellow Everyone
I'm using Stata 11.2 on W7 32.
After fitting this quantile regression

xi: sqreg BMI Etarecl i.TitStudio Num_nucleo i.Sesso i.NewStatCiv i.Professione1 i.Gram_Alc_V_G_C ///
i.Gram_Alc_B_G_C i.Gram_Alc_L_G_C i.scalacat, q(.47 .83) reps(100)

I've tried this table with _esttab_  from ssc

esttab using E:\Alberto\Papers\WorkingPapers\Nutriep\Paper_Obesity\Obesity-Latex\example.tex, /// replace mtitles("Overweight" "Obesity") b(%12.2f)not ci(%12.2f) wide nonumbers /// coeflabels("Age" "Sex(Female)" "Divorced" "Widowed" "Married" "Worker" "Employee" "Housewife" "Student" /// "Craftsman" "Farmer" "Freelance" "Elementary School" "Middle School" "High School" "College" "Household Number" /// "Less than 5gr Wine Daily" "5-9.9gr Wine Daily" "More than 10gr Wine Daily" /// "Less than 5gr Beer Daily" "5-9.9gr Beer Daily" "More than 10gr Beer Daily" /// "Less than 5gr Spirits Daily" "5-9.9gr Spirits Daily" "More than 10gr Spirits Daily") ///
nocon drop(Età_q)unstack

But I get a table with the constant included and without changing in the coefficient labels.
Something wrong in the code?
Can you help me?

Alberto R. Osella, MD, PhD
Laboratorio di Epidemiologia e Biostatistica
IRCCS Saverio de Bellis
Via Turi, 27
70013 Castellana Grotte (BA)
Tel:    +39 0804994655
Fax:    +39 0804994650
e-mail: [email protected]

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