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RE: st: RE: Correct Way to Respond to Posts when Email is Turned Off

From   "Schaffer, Mark E" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Correct Way to Respond to Posts when Email is Turned Off
Date   Sun, 31 Jul 2011 16:12:21 +0100

-1 from me, too.  Same reasons as Phil's #1 and #2.


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> [] On Behalf Of Phil Schumm
> Sent: 29 July 2011 21:42
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> Subject: Re: st: RE: Correct Way to Respond to Posts when 
> Email is Turned Off
> On 7/29/2011 2:19 PM, Philip Jones wrote:
> > Speaking of web forums, what is the reason that Statalist 
> hasn't migrated from its LISTSERV origins to a modern, 
> threaded, easy-to-track-what-you've-read web forum? I believe 
> there is a good reason that most discussion sites now use 
> something like UBB or the like.
> On Jul 29, 2011, at 1:49 PM, Marcello Pagano wrote:
> > We almost did a few years ago, but it was a little 
> premature then and we would have lost a few folks with less 
> modern equipment.  Maybe we should reconsider.  Any negative 
> votes??  Don't give me the positives, I think I know them.
> -1 from me (though I would love to see us move from Majordomo 
> to Mailman).  My primary reasons for this are:
> 1) I realize that this is a personal decision, but I vastly 
> prefer to consume Statalist in my email client (for many reasons).
> 2) I think it would be a mistake to base Statalist solely on 
> a "pull" technology (i.e., requiring you to go to the web to 
> read it), and email is by far the "push" technology with 
> which most people are familiar.
> 3) Although some web-based discussion services will let you 
> send (and receive) email, they often clobber messages in the 
> process (e.g., hard-wrap, add formatting or other cruft, etc.).
> It's worth noting that even today, the standard for 
> open-source software collaboration (e.g., SourceForge, 
> GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.) is to use a standard mailing list 
> (in combination of course with a version control system, 
> bug/issue tracker, Wiki, etc.).
> I wouldn't be strongly opposed to moving to something that 
> provided a web-based interface (e.g., the non-Usenet variety 
> of Google Groups), as long as it provided all of the 
> functionality we have currently (i.e., ability to send and 
> receive email without munging the headers and/or body).
> -- Phil
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