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st: [Stata 12] Issue with -export excel-

To   "" <>
Subject   st: [Stata 12] Issue with -export excel-
Date   Wed, 27 Jul 2011 13:24:10 -0500

Eric Booth <> asked:

> _3.  Finally, I like to block indent/shift my code to the right.  In Stata 11
> the Command+] shortcut would shift code right.  In Stata 12, if you right
> click on selected text, the contextual menu mentions that the shortcut has
> changed to Command+} (which I guess would be Command+Shift+]), but this
> doesn't work.  I played with key combinations until I discovered that it's
> actually Fn+Control+].  I wonder if that's an error in the shortcut key
> assignment in Stata 12 or if there is a shortcut key combination from some
> other application that is interfering.

I'll let others at Stata address your first two questions.  In regards to your
last question, it's simply because the contextual menu just has the wrong
keyboard shortcut assigned to it.  The main menu has the keyboard shorcuts for
Shift Left and Shift Right as Control-[ and Control-], respectively, and the
main menu's keyboard shortcuts takes precedence over contextual menus.  It's
been fixed and will be in the next update.

It was necessary for us to reassign the keyboard shortcuts when we added
tabbed windows support to Stata for Mac so that you can navigate between tabs
in a window using the keyboard.  We tried to follow standard conventions for
the keyboard shortcuts so Cmd-[ and Cmd-] now go back and forth between a
Viewer's file history.  Cmd-Shift-[ and Cmd-Shift-] navigates between tabs in
a window.

-Chinh Nguyen

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