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Re: st: logarithmic graphing problem

From   "Dimitriy V. Masterov" <>
Subject   Re: st: logarithmic graphing problem
Date   Thu, 2 Jun 2011 13:08:29 -0400


Many thanks for the references. They proved very helpful.

For posterity, here's some code:

/* graph */
gen y = sign(outcome2)*abs(outcome2)^(1/3);
gen x = sign(outcome1)*abs(outcome1)^(1/3);

sum outcome2;
local ymax=round(ceil(`r(max)'),300);
local ymin=round(floor(`r(min)'),100);

local ylabel;
foreach n of num `ymin'(100)`ymax' {;
	local ylabel `ylabel' `=sign(`n')*abs(`n')^(1/3)' "`n'";

sum outcome1;
local xmax=round(ceil(`r(max)'),100);
local xmin=round(floor(`r(min)'),100);

local xlabel;
foreach n of num `xmin'(100)`xmax' {;
	di "`n' is `=sign(`n')*abs(`n')^(1/3)'";
	local xlabel `xlabel' `=sign(`n')*abs(`n')^(1/3)' `"`n'"';

twoway scatter y x, xline(0) yline(0) mlab(variable) mlabangle(45)
xlab(`xlabel', ang(h)) ylab(`ylabel', ang(h));
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