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Re: st: Using -estat bootstrap- with -parmby-

From   Roger Newson <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Using -estat bootstrap- with -parmby-
Date   Wed, 13 Apr 2011 18:21:45 +0100

Graeme should probably use -parmest- instead of -parmby-, because -parmby- is designed to call estimation commands, and -estat bootstrap- is not an estimation command. The -parmest- command extracts an output dataset (or resultsset) from the current set of estimation results in memory.

If Graeme wants to view the bias-corrected confidence interval using -parmest-, then the solution is to use the -erows()- option of -parmest-, which creates new variables in the -parmest- output dataset containing the rows of a matrix estimation result (such as the bootstrap confidence interval). Instead of the -parmby- command, Graeme should probably type

parmest, erow(ci_bca) rename(er_1_1 bcamin95 er_1_2 bcamax95) list(parm estimate min95 max95 bcamin95 bcamax95 p ,clean noobs)

This -parmest- command uses the -erows()- option to extract the rows of the matrix -e(ci_bca)- into 2 variables in the output dataset, whose names are -er_1_1- and -er_1_2-, containing, respectively, the lower and upper BCa confidence limits. These variables are renamed (using the -rename()- option of -parmest-) to -bcamin95- and -bcamax95-, respectively, and are displayed using the -list()- option.

See the on-line help for -parmest- for more details. In particular, if you type

help parmest_resultssets

then you will see a list of all the variables that -parmest- can create in its output dataset.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


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On 13/04/2011 16:35, Maclennan, Graeme S. wrote:
Statalist, I would like to use -parmest- from SSC to store estimates of intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs)  and the bias-corrected and accelerated (BCa) confidence interval (CI) to create a large table (I will apply use -saving- option and concatenate when I get this problem sorted).  To get at the BCa CI I need to run -estat bootstrap, bca- after -loneway-.  All fine so far, but when I use -parmby- as below it seems to pick up the normal CI, not the Bca CI, even though the table that is produced in the results viewer is the correct table. I have made up an example using the auto.dta dataset to highlight this.  Am I doing something silly, or missing something obvious?

sysuse auto, clear
split make
bootstrap ICC=r(rho), cluster(make1) bca idcluster(newmake1) reps(50) seed(1):  loneway price newmake1
estat bootstrap, all
parmby "estat bootstrap, bca", list(parm  estimate min95 max95 p ,clean noobs)

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