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Re: st: binary_mediation

From   Bo MacInnis <>
Subject   Re: st: binary_mediation
Date   Wed, 16 Feb 2011 11:35:15 -0800


I have good news to report.

Phil Ender, author of -binary_mediation_ program, contacted me in private and generously offered to help.

Phil has updated -binary_mediation_ program, now version 2.1, and it's available for downloading through -findit-. Users can access the standardized/rescaled a coefficients and b coefficients through the following returns:

mat list r(mat_a)
mat list r(mat_b)

This new functionality works wonder and solves my problem.

A load of thank-you to you, Phil!!!


On 2/15/2011 5:42 PM, Bo MacInnis wrote:
Hi, Statalisters,

I'm trying to use the wonderful program binary_mediation for my analysis
where all the variables (IV, mediators, and DV) are dichotomous.

In the past, I posted a question and got excellent responses from Phil
Ender and Maarten Buis:

I am wishfully thinking that it would be so wonderful if
binary_mediation would produce the values of a1 and b1 (and a2 and b2
etc) in addition to the current list of outputs (such as indir1, indir2,
etc), because I'd like to plot the values for the sides of the typical
media triangle where values a1/b1 are plotted separately.

I have  calculated a1/b1 based the spreadsheet provided by N. Herr  .

I also have multiple (dichotomous) mediators for which I will need the
values of a1/b1, a2/b2, and a3/b3, and N. Herr's spreadsheet assumes one
mediator. I could probably extend the formula to include multiple
mediators, but it would be awfully nice if someone who is expert on this
has already done so.

It is just my wish. I am grateful for the binary_mediation program.
Since binary_mediation must calculate a1/b1 etc, I thought it would be
really nice if it would output these values.

Thank you,
Bo MacInnis

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