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st: RE: pscore question

From   Jan Bryla <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: RE: pscore question
Date   Tue, 8 Feb 2011 20:04:15 +0100

Dear Dan

My guess would be simply to have a look at pscore.ado and adapt it slightly (I don't know if this is accepted - but it should help you along the way). The pscore.ado file has a code segment which reads


di in ye _newline(3) "**************************************************** "
di in ye	     "Algorithm to estimate the propensity score "
di in ye	     "**************************************************** "
di _newline(2) in ye "The treatment is `T'"

tab `T'  if `touse'==1

di _newline(3) "Estimation of the propensity score "

if `"`logit'"' != `""'  { 
   capture drop comsup
   logit `varlist' [`weight'`exp'] if `touse'==1       
else {
   capture drop comsup
   probit `varlist' [`weight'`exp'] if `touse'==1

tempvar epscore

qui predict double `epscore' if `touse'==1

/* NEW */

*capture drop `pscore'

qui gen double `pscore' = `epscore'
label var `pscore' "Estimated propensity score"

My guess would be, that adapting 

qui gen double `pscore' = `epscore'


Qui gen double `pscore'=*your already estimated propensity score*

Should do the trick. I haven't had the chance to try it - but maybe you can take it from here.

Hope this helps

Jan Bryla
The Danish Bankers Association

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From: [] On Behalf Of Dan Kimmel
Sent: 8. februar 2011 19:12
To: statalist
Subject: st: pscore question

I'm working on a project predicting the effect of exposure to violence
on the health of American high school students.  I am attempting to
use propensity score analysis to make causal inference about the
treatment effect; however, because these students are nested within
schools which vary in their mean level of violence, I have predicted
the propensity scores using Hierarchical Linear Modeling software.

My question is: Is there a way to use Becker and Ichino's pscore
program for STATA to distribute the students into blocks and check
that the balancing property is met -- but to do so using propensity
scores that have already been calculated, rather than by allowing the
program to calculate them itself?  And if not, could such a function
be devised?

Daniel M. Kimmel
Department of Sociology
University of Chicago

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