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Re: st: Stata Temp File issue

From   Kevin Geraghty <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata Temp File issue
Date   Tue, 14 Dec 2010 10:25:43 -0800 (PST)

I realize you shouldn't have to do this, that stata ought to be able to keep track of this stuff on its own, but one straightforward fix for this problem might be explicitly setting the temp directory at the start of each concurrent job, so that they don't share the same temp/work directory, and there will be no file naming conflicts for active temporary files.

something like:

sysdir set tmpdir <my chosen temporary directory>

It's cheaper than a new copy of stata 11, at any rate.

In passing I have noticed on occasion stray temp files in work directories, that is if one is running one's code out of a particular directory, stray temp files may be left behind in that directory, rather than system temp. It seems to happen most in interactive use, where sessions may not be cleanly logged out.  But it does suggest that temporary files are not always created in system temp. 

----- "John C. Vernaleo" <> wrote:

> Hi.
> I'm running:
> Stata/MP 9.2 for Windows
> Born 20 Jul 2007
> on some Windows XP 32 bit machines and some Windows 7 64bit machines. 
> I
> realize my Stata version is rather old so I will understand if the
> only
> answer I get is 'upgrade', but I wanted to try anyway.
> Basically, I run a large number of Stata jobs over night.  On the
> Windows
> XP machines I run at most 2 stata jobs at a time.  On the Windows 7
> machines I run up to 4 at a time.
> On the Windows 7 machines, I frequently find that Stata will crash
> with
> errors related to either not being able to find a temp file or not
> being
> able to access or write to the temp file.  If I look in the logs from
> the
> concurrent processes, there will be one that has the same temp file
> name
> (which does explain the error).
> I have cleared out the directory where Stata leaves temp files (as
> there
> were some orphaned Stata temp files there) but that seems to have no
> impact.
> The way I understood it, I thought the first two characters in a
> Stata
> temp file (the XX in ST_XXyyyyyy.tmp) indicated the instance of Stata
> that
> was running which would make such overlap impossible.  Am I
> missunderstanding something?  Did things work differently back in
> Stata9?
> And more importantly, is there way to avoid this (assuming I am even
> understanding the situation properly)?
> Sorry for such a long writeup.  Thanks for reading.
> John
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