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st: loop using rolling, recursive

Subject   st: loop using rolling, recursive
Date   Tue, 14 Dec 2010 18:15:27 +0100


I'm trying to make a loop to calculate the standard deviation of a variable using the rolling, recursive command. My database is from 1990Q1-2009Q2. My final goal is to calculate the standard deviation of a set of variables using a recursive scheme (calculate for the second half of my sample using info from the first half while keeping the first observation fixed). So I want to compute the standard deviation for 1999Q4 using info from 1990Q1-1999Q3, then for 2000Q1 using info from 1990Q1-1999Q4 and so on.

The code below is only working for the first explanatory variable. Any ideas of how to create a loop to calculate the standard deviation using a recursive scheme?

foreach x x1 x2 x3 x4 {
rolling sd_`x'=r(sd), recursive window(39) : summarize `x'
gen sd_`x'= r(sd)
gen sd2_`x'=sd_`x'*2
gen date=end+1
format date %tq

Thank you in advance,

Lola Hernandez
Statistics Analyst

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