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RE: st: stat query

From   Nick Cox <[email protected]>
To   "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: stat query
Date   Fri, 19 Nov 2010 11:20:41 +0000

There was a Stata-based review in 

SJ-8-3  pr0041  .  Speaking Stata: Corr. with confidence, Fisher's z revisited
        (help corrci, corrcii if installed) . . . . . . . . . . . .  N. J. Cox
        Q3/08   SJ 8(3):413--439
        reviews Fisher's z transformation and its inverse, the
        hyperbolic tangent, and reviews their use in inference
        with correlations

Perhaps the most useful detail for Rich was the aside that atanh[r] = (1/2) logit[(1 + r)/2]. 

Hence scaling the correlations to fall inside [0,1] and logit modelling the result opens up many routes in Stata. This is evident otherwise, but it is reassuring nevertheless that the nice properties of Fisher's z are akin to those to logit. 

[email protected] 

Richard Goldstein

thank you very much (not sure how I forgot about this, but ...)

Marcello Pagano 

On 11/18/2010 2:21 PM, Richard Goldstein wrote:

>> a client has told me that he thinks he will soon have a project where
>> the dependent (response) variable will be a correlation coefficient;
>> i.e., a "continuous" variable with the range restricted to [-1,+1];
>> any help, guidance, suggestions on what model might be appropriate for
>> this would be greatly appreciated; similarly, any citations would be
>> great appreciated

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