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RE: st: error on biprobit after update?

From   Robert Duval <>
Subject   RE: st: error on biprobit after update?
Date   Sun, 7 Nov 2010 11:12:50 -0600

Something must have gone wrong with my automatic update tools. It
listed Sept 30 as the latest available update for the executable. I
even queried update and shut down Stata several times and got the same

I just did it again, and now it recognizes that the executable was
outdated. The command works fine now.

Who knows what ghost is playing around with my system.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to check this and hope you have a
good weekend (or whatever is left of it)


Some confusion here. As you say, an update is available dated 4 November 2010.

If your executable still appears to be that of 30 September 2010, then
I think you have not -update-d successfully or completely.

Also, the kinds of messages you give strongly suggest to me an
incomplete update -- and one that is independent of operating system.

Regardless of that, the commands you give work fine for me on a
Windows system and Stata executable and ados updated to 4 November


Robert Duval

Thanks Phil for checking. The error appeared on

Stata/IC 11.1 for Windows (32-bit Intel)
Born 30 Sep 2010

All the components are up to date.

I already reported the issue to Stata Technical Support, but it would
be useful to know if anyone else with the same system is facing the
same problem.

On 07/11/2010, at 7:17 PM,  Phil Clayton wrote:

>Works perfectly here, on:
>Stata/IC 11.1 for Mac (64-bit Intel)
>Born 04 Nov 2010

>On 07/11/2010, at 7:02 PM, Robert Duval wrote:

> Can anyone reproduce the following error on biprobit after the Nov 04 update?
> webuse school
> biprobit private vote logptax loginc years
> Fitting full model:
>          _mopt_vecsum():  3257  nonpointer found where pointer required
>           mopt_vecsum():     -  function returned error
>         mopt__check_e():     -  function returned error
>      mopt__calluser_e():     -  function returned error
>       opt__eval_nr_e2():     -  function returned error
>             opt__eval():     -  function returned error
> opt__looputil_iter0_common():     -  function returned error
> opt__looputil_iter0_nr():     -  function returned error
>          opt__loop_nr():     -  function returned error
>            _moptimize():     -  function returned error
>           Mopt_maxmin():     -  function returned error
>                 <istmt>:     -  function returned error
> r(3257);
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