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st: Arima in Stata vs. SAS

Subject   st: Arima in Stata vs. SAS
Date   Mon, 6 Sep 2010 12:29:58 +0200


I have estimated the same sarimax-model in SAS and Stata.

I have used the estimates from SAS to forecast in Excel. These forecasts
are the same as the forecasts I obtain by using the forcast-statement in
proc arima.

Now I have estimated the same model using Stata. The parameters are more
or less the same (some small differences which I guess is due to SAS and
Stata using different maximization algorithms when maximizing the
log-likelihood function). But now I have entered the parameters from this
estimation into the Excel spreadsheet replacing the estimates from SAS to
obtain the forecasts. These forecasts are not the same as the ones I
obtain using predict in arima postestimation.

So I have the following two questions:
1. Shouldnt these statements (SAS and Stata) produce the same estimates?:

proc arima data=data;
identify var=SBP(1) crosscorr=(dw_INDO d_INDO);
estimate p=(2,5)(48) q=(1,2,6)(48)  input=(dw_INDO d_INDO) noconstant;

arima D.SBP d_INDO dw_INDO, ar(2 5) ma(1 2 6) sarima(1,0,1,48) noconstant

2. If not is there any difference in how the two programs report the
parameters? (I know that the MA-part is reported as negative in Stata.)

Kristian Hefting

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