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st: RE: local macro

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: local macro
Date   Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:24:00 +0100

This isn't very clear to me, as you give lots of details but not all the
crucial ones! 
But the mention of a do file suggests that you are defining a local
macro and one place and trying to use it in another. 

-local- means precisely that. 

Local macros are local to one of 
1. an interactive session 
2. a -program- defined as such
3. a do file
4. a do file editor window, whether saved as a file or not
and are not visible outside any such context. 

It may well be that globals will serve your purpose better. 


Ekaterina Hertog

I was wondering if you could help me clarify something about local 
macros. I use Stata 11. I have a log do file with probably 100 
regressions. I am essentially testing 2 models the 2nd one being an 
extension of the first in a sense that I use all the variables that 
proved important in the first model and add some new ones. To make 
editing easier once I finalised the first model I created a local macro 
which is a list of variables used in the first model and used it when 
running out the regressions of the second model. It works fine if I run 
my whole do file continuously. However, when I want to run just a few
e.g. the line with a local macro and some regressions a few paragraphs 
down which use the macro in question
Stata does not seem to recognise my local macro.
Here is a sample of my commands:
local streglist prsexratio2039 citotalgen osaka age agesq height weight 
income smoker withfam university goodhealth face3 sightprobl 
strongintnumb intsexratio
streg `streglist' nodes desartokyo desosaka mindesinc if age<=40, 
dist(gamma) nolog
I just wanted to confirm is it possible to use a local macro the way I 
was trying to and in that case what am I doing wrong? Or is it 
impossible and I should set a global macro instead?

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