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R: st: R: Power Analysis

From   "Carlo Lazzaro" <>
To   <>
Subject   R: st: R: Power Analysis
Date   Mon, 5 Apr 2010 12:05:28 +0200

Dear Agge,
some suggestions:

1) type -search metan- from within Stata (my release 9.2/SE);

2) take a look at the following textbooks: 
a) Michael Borenstein, Larry V. Hedges, Julian P. T. Higgins, and Hannah R.
Rothstein. Introduction to Meta-Analysis. Wiley, 2009.  
Comment from the Stata technical group (please, see
Meta-analysis has gained increasing popularity since the early 1990s as a
way to synthesize the results from separate studies. It is widely used in
the medical sciences, education, and business. This text is both complete
and current, and is ideal for researchers wanting a conceptual treatment of
the methodology. A chapter on statistical software for performing
meta-analysis (including how to do so in Stata) is also included;
b) Sutton AJ, Abrams KR, Jones DR, Sheldon TA, Song F. Methosùds for
meta-analysis in medical research. Wiley, 2000.

3) search the web for:
a) "power AND meta-analysis";
b) "power AND meta-analysis AND Stata".

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.
Kind Regards,
-----Messaggio originale-----
[] Per conto di Aggie Chidlow
Inviato: domenica 4 aprile 2010 19.28
Oggetto: Re: st: R: Power Analysis

Dear Carlo,

Thank you very much for your response and suggestions. It is much

Since posted to the list, I have done a chi2 test  to see if there is,
for example, a significant relationship between mentioning (or not)
the famework and the type of a journal.
After some thinking, I am planning to do a meta-analysis and would
appreciate if you (or anybody from the list) advise me how to do a
power analysis for the meta-analysis.

So sorry for any confusions, but I am at a finding the right tool stage.
Your suggestions will be much appreciated.

On Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 12:06 PM, Carlo Lazzaro
<> wrote:
> Dear Agge,
> in the light of the details you provide the list with, unless you intend
> perform a two-sample comparison of proportions (ie, how many articles
> deserved to be mentioned out of the overall number of articles submitted
> possible publication in the sample #1 and #2, respectively), your problem
> seems more a matter of logistic regression  (please, see -help logit- in
> Stata 9.2/SE)than power analysis.
> However, should power analysis be the focus of your reserch, please take a
> look at -help sampsi- in Stata 9.2/SE.
> For more details about this issues, I would refer to:
> Long JS, Freese J. Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables
> Using Stata. 2nd Ed. College Station, TX: Stata Press, 2006;
> HTH and Kind Regards,
> Carlo
> -----Messaggio originale-----
> Da:
> [] Per conto di Aggie Chidlow
> Inviato: sabato 3 aprile 2010 22.39
> A:
> Oggetto: st: Power Analysis
> Hi,
> I am working on a paper where I am investigating if  researchers that
> published papers  between 2000 - 2008 with mail survey data in 4 top
> rated journals in economics report a certain framework (measured as 0
> = mentioned ; 1 = not mentioned).
> Can somebody advise me on how to undertake a power analysis for this,
> please?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Agge
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