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st: obtaining the frequencies used in histogram

From   David Merriman <>
Subject   st: obtaining the frequencies used in histogram
Date   Mon, 8 Feb 2010 18:09:08 -0600

I have created some histograms in stata to be used in an article which
is to be published.
The person responsible for preparing the artwork for the publication
has requested that I give her a
table showing the raw frequencies used in the histogram.
There are a number of histograms in the paper and   I am finding this
quite difficult  for some of them.

It is not a problem when I specified the bin, frequency and label
options as below

sysuse sp500
* with bin option
 histogram volume, bin(15) frequency addlabel
summarize volume
gen min_vol=r(min)
gen max_vol=r(max)
generate volumecat = autocode(volume, 15, min_vol, max_vol)
tab volumecat

However, when I wrote the original paper I created the histograms
without specifying the number of bins

* without bin option
 histogram volume, frequency addlabel

In these cases it hard to know the starting and ending points for the bins.
I wonder if anyone has an idea how to do this?

David Merriman
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