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st: RE: nlcom from several estimations

From   Valerie Orozco <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: RE: nlcom from several estimations
Date   Mon, 8 Feb 2010 16:21:33 +0100

Thank you John and Martin.

John :  by "model", I don't mean different groups, but really different models. I'm estimating 4 different systems of equations (N3SLS= Nonlinear 3 stages system of equations) and the variables are not the same in each one.  (my goal is then to estimate unconditional elasticities in a demand system coming from the elasticities from different steps...).

"Suest" seems to do what I need except that I have a difficulty due to the fact that the estimation wasn't done with Stata (because Stata doesn't easily estimate N3SLS). But like I prefer Stata, I stored the b and V matrix into text files and then insheet in Stata and re"build" my matrix b`i' and V`i' (i=1,...,4)...I can also use "ereturn post" to "re"build each estimation and store it.

But, doing "suest", it seems some informations (for example e(sample), e(N)...stored by local during the estimation) are missing...

If you have more ideas...

Thank you


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