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Re: st: Sample selection in fixed effects model

From   "mw N. van Horen" <N.van.Horen@DNB.NL>
Subject   Re: st: Sample selection in fixed effects model
Date   Mon, 1 Feb 2010 17:08:01 +0100

Dear Maarten

Thanks for your reply. There are ways around the problem that you mention.
In the literature a number of solutions are mentioned, most often a Heckman
two-stage method adapted to panel data or a ML method, which are applicable
to fixed effects models (see also Hsiao (2003) Analysis of panel data page
236).  However, I cannot find anyone using either one of these procedures
in stata and I am hoping someone has done this.


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--- On Mon, 1/2/10, mw N. van Horen wrote:
> Does anyone know whether a user-written program is
> currently available in stata to estimate a sample selection
> model for panel data (using fixed effects). There was some
> discussion on the subject in
> from which I understand it was not implemented in 2005. Does
> anyone know whether this has changed? Or is anyone familiar
> with a program written in another statistical package
> (matlab, gauss etc).

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