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Re: st: re: mean2

From   Roy Wada <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: re: mean2
Date   Thu, 28 Jan 2010 10:06:16 -0800

> 4. I am at a loss to know why some people want detailed rules for
> borrowing, something that does not really need detailed rules. Don't
> steal. Give acknowledgments and references if appropriate. I don't see
> that any more is required, other than to recommend looking at examples

I am not sure why Nick thinks that the analogy about FAQ is relevant
given that (1) it exits, and (2) many reposts regarding FAQ has been
made by Nick himself.

Rules are there to simply things. If the rules had been specified,
then we would not be having this conversation regarding what is and is
not a proper way to make attribution. Indeed, had it been explicitly
listed, I am sure I would have "correctly" written the first help file
for the -mean2-.

I will tell you what, Nick. To compensate for the lack of rules, I
will write my own codes for transposing the data matrix. I think it
would have set a nice example on how to borrow codes from others, but
you seem recalcitrant to any notion of standarization that would have
helped facilitate it.

I am fairly certain you will not be offended if I present it as my own
work, since this is clearly motivated by a mundane need (data
transpose) and would be a natural improvement on the official -xpose-.

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