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st: RE: RE: Axis break

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Axis break
Date   Thu, 14 Jan 2010 19:34:44 -0000

Eric's suggestion I think encapsulates most of the available advice on
this point. 

An overarching question is how you could find that FAQ for yourself. 

. search axis break 

typed in Stata points to the FAQ Eric identified. 

A more positive spin than that given in the FAQ is that, sure, you can
have axis breaks exactly as you want them. You just need to identify how
they imply separate panels, which you produce as separate graphs and
then -graph combine-. 

Otherwise put, there is no syntax specifically designed to produce axis
breaks because you don't need it and it would be cumbersome any way. 

All that said, most of the examples in which I see axis breaks lead to
imagine that log scales would have been a much better idea, as Martin
Weiss posted and many others must have thought privately. 

[email protected] 


The first two lines of my previous post got cut off. First time it has
happened to me.


Alex Olssen

I have a scatterplot with a couple of outliers.  The effect of these
outliers is to compress the vast majority of observations into the
bottom third of the graph space making it hard to see what is going on
with the observations.  Rather than dropping the outliers and ignoring
them altogether I would like to put a line break through the axis.  This
would allow the majority of the observations to fill most of the graph
space but still highlight to the reader the fact that the outliers

I had a look on the Statalist archives but only found a related article
during Stata 8.  At that time it appeared that axis breaks were not a
feature of Stata.  Does anyone know if they now are?  If so what code
should I use?  If not does anyone have any suggestions.

I have also looked through "A visual guide to Stata graphics" to no

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