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Re: st: Stata resolution

From   Nick Winter <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata resolution
Date   Mon, 23 Nov 2009 12:27:25 -0500

To follow up on this point -- were Statacorp to add an {img source=} tag to SMCL, that is a step toward making SMCL into a full-fledged output management system. If they do that, wouldn't font control be nice? Presentation-quality tables? Etc.

As it stands Statacorp seems happy to leave the development of that sort of output assembly routine to user-programmers, with the (IMO) small exception of -estimates table-.

My point is that while adding an {img} tag to SMCL might not be that hard, it likely wouldn't satisfy without the development of a much broader, much more general output system.

- nick

Nick Cox wrote:
I don't think so. SMCL is specifically designed for line-by-line
processing and line-by-line output. That's hardly consistent with "show
an image at this point". Remember, SMCL is a format for Stata output as
well as for Stata help files.
You, I and everyone might all agree that SMCL files would look much
better with embedded images, but they wouldn't then be SMCL. Nick
Sergiy Radyakin

Having images in the help files was a demanded feature already (in the
context of the log files, where people wanted to also save graphs in the
log file). A simple equivalent of the <IMG src="..."> tag for SMCL could
very much solve the problem and maintain compatibility with the current
situation. And even better if it was implemented not only in the viewer,
but also in the output window.

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