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st: Trouble outputting t-statistics with outreg2

From   Benjamin Reddy <>
Subject   st: Trouble outputting t-statistics with outreg2
Date   Wed, 18 Nov 2009 17:53:03 -0500


I'm having trouble getting the t-statistics to write to file using
'outreg2'.  The problem seems to be specific to my computer because
when the do-rile containing the command is run on my colleague's
computer, everything works fine.  Has anyone has problems with this?

For example, I run something like the following:

reg price qty M2-M6 if RT==1, cluster(day)
outreg2 using "price_reg.xls", ctitle("Full model") stats(coef tstat)
replace excel label 2aster

The output file shows the coeffecients (with asterisks), but no
t-stats.  There is a note on the bottom that says, "Robust
t-statistics in parentheses".  As I said above, there is no problem
running this on my colleague's computer.

Am I missing something obvious?


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