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st: RE: RE: RE: RE: old question, new solutions?

From   "Hoffman, George" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: RE: RE: old question, new solutions?
Date   Mon, 16 Nov 2009 16:25:19 -0600

Thank you nick.
My personal habit of avoiding egen will have to change.....
Are you familiar with 'defv', which is a wrapper for gen/replace that 'self'-documents on the fly by adding to notes about the variable names so created/modified? It does not work with egen, as far as I know.
Have another nifty command to document egen commands on the fly, or a modification of defv that works with egen?

See defv:
      STB-51 dm50_1.  Update to defv.

      STB insert by John R. Gleason, Syracuse University
      After installation, see help defv

INSTALLATION FILES                                  (click here to install)

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From: [] On Behalf Of Nick Cox
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 12:22 PM
Subject: st: RE: RE: RE: old question, new solutions?

These problems you mention are barely problems. 

You can compute groups sds with -egen- in advance. That's one extra

You don't need to -collapse- at all. The price of not doing -collapse-
may be a bloated graph file, but you can use -egen, tag()- to select one
data point per group. 

If you don't want to see the data points on -stripplot- you just specify
--ms(none)-. No special option is needed. There are examples in the help


Hoffman, George

Nick and Jose -- almost but not quite. 
Serrbar requires computing the sd/ci and collapse prior to invoking
Stripplot plots all the individual values in addition to means with the
bar option. Is there any way to suppress plotting the individual values
in stripplot?

'graph dot (mean) Y (p25) Y (p75) Y, over(X)' will compute stats
internally. It couldn't be too far to include sd's / ci's in stats.....?

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[] On Behalf Of Nick Cox
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 11:48 AM
To: Nick Cox;
Subject: st: RE: old question, new solutions?

But personally I'd prefer -stripplot- from SSC. Check out its -bar-


Nick Cox 

The official command -serrbar- does precisely this. 

Hoffman, George

Has anyone found/written/adapted a program which will plot means +/- sd
for observations of Y over categories X, without drawing a connecting
line between means (as in grby)? The desired solution would be like
'graph box Y, over(X)' except that box would be a single symbol with
upper and lower ranges for sd or sd. Nick cox' civplot is close, but
doesn't allow sd's. 
I've gotten around this by using joanne garrett's 'predxat' but that
plots se's not sd's.

I understand some of the reasons why not to use this sort of display,
but it does occasionally become useful to display data.

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