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Re: st: "append" option using outreg2

From   Christopher Hajzler <>
Subject   Re: st: "append" option using outreg2
Date   Wed, 11 Nov 2009 17:49:45 +1300

Thank you much for the example, Roy.

The append option works find (and in fact is the default, as you
suggested). It turns out that what doesn't work so well is not
correctly specifying the folder/file path for the appended regression
results.  It was a silly mistake on my part, and I should have
scrutinized my code more carefully before assuming it was a change in
the way outreg works.

I'm sorry for unnecessarily bothering the list-serve about this, and
thanks again for everyone's advice.


On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 8:48 PM, Roy Wada <> wrote:
>> I could try installing outreg again. Still, since I feel I am close to
>> having my new code working, are you aware of any issue with using
>> append with outreg2? Is there another command I should be using
>> instead?
> The original -outreg- should work fine on Stata 10. It should keep
> working for a long, long time.
> If you want to try -outreg2-, you should be able to work off from the
> following example.
> sysuse auto, clear
> reg price mpg weight
> outreg2 mpg using myfile, bfmt(e) bdec(3) replace 10pct
> reg price mpg weight length
> outreg2 mpg using myfile, bfmt(e) bdec(3) 10pct
> bdec( ) needs to be specified in order to disable automatic formating,
> which was ignoring the bfmt(e) input. This will be fixed in the next
> update.
> -append- and -se- are the default behavior in -outreg2-. You don't
> need to specify them unless you want to.
> You also don't need to specify -coefastr-. This is the default. But it
> should have been made into an undocumented option like the other two,
> so it doesn't keep getting rejected.
> Roy
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