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st: R: t-test using analytic weights

From   "Carlo Lazzaro" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: R: t-test using analytic weights
Date   Tue, 10 Nov 2009 16:08:12 +0100

Sripal might want to take a look at:
-help ANOVA-;
 the following example (flag: Stata 9.2/SE):
set obs 100
g Group=1 in 1/50
replace  Group=2 in 51/100
g age = 50 *uniform()
g height=165*uniform()
oneway age Group [aweight = height]
oneway age Group [aweight = height], bonferroni

HTH and Kind Regards,
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Inviato: martedì 10 novembre 2009 15.14
A: statalist
Oggetto: st: t-test using analytic weights


I am trying to use t-test of independent samples but by using analytic
weights.  I tried the following:

ttest age1 == age2 [aweight = wt], unpaired

I get an error message saying "weights not allowed".  Is there a way around


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