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Re: st: AW: RE: AW: RE: RE: Suppress col total in tab2, tabout?

From   Roy Wada <>
Subject   Re: st: AW: RE: AW: RE: RE: Suppress col total in tab2, tabout?
Date   Fri, 6 Nov 2009 12:50:41 -0800

> Of course, these are my constraints.... But I have my obligations in reporting a lot of descriptive statistics to others and limited resources to hire someone to get Stata doing what I exactly need.

There is nothing wrong for asking for new features, but anyone hoping
to be able to use a commercial software as a substitute for skill is
bound to be disappointed.

Employers are currently willing to pay extra because this is
labor-intensive. Suppose it is becomes trivial in about 5-10 years. At
that point they will stop paying you for this, for the same reason
they stopped paying for type-setters and proof-readers. The
productivity gain will go to the software company.

At that point you will be asked to do something else, or forced to
take a paycut.

Being able to do something non-trivial has to do with what you bring
to the table and not with whether someone should be able to do this
easily in Stata and keep the difference.

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