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st: AW: RE: AW: RE: RE: Suppress col total in tab2, tabout?

From   "Kaulisch, Marc" <>
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Subject   st: AW: RE: AW: RE: RE: Suppress col total in tab2, tabout?
Date   Fri, 6 Nov 2009 09:47:47 +0100

Of course, these are my constraints. I am not a programmer, I am not familiar with tex. I like to work with Stata very much because its doing the things I need to do with the data very smoothly. But I have my obligations in reporting a lot of descriptive statistics to others and limited resources to hire someone to get Stata doing what I exactly need. We wanted to do everything (data management and reporting) with Stata but it looks like we cannot. That's it.


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I think you're making a big inferential jump here. There is a difference between "no one who looked at my problem suggested a way to do it that is compatible with my own constraints, including not using TeX" and "Stata cannot do what I want". 


Kaulisch, Marc

My hope was that Stata is far more advanced in its usability for reporting descriptive statistics. Formatting tables in any word processor (I do not know Tex) is very time consuming if it could not be well prepared from the statistics software. Even more if you have to deal with hundreds of tables as in our case.

The -estout-/-estpost- solution suggested by Martin is also no option as frequencies and col percentages are presented vertically - as far as my test of it went. But as I understood Phil this is the standard behaviour of -tabdisp-. My suggestion of a "nototal"-option was derived from the behaviour of -tab2way- to not display totals unless you specify it...

More astonishing is to have a look at the capabilities of SPSS in this regard. It got the table I wanted within a minute and an even more complicated version in two (see below).

For the Stata wishlist:

Rowvar	colvar1	colvar2
		1	2	1	2	3
		n C%	n C%	n C%	n C%	n C%

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