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st: RSS feed for Statlist

From   Tunga Kantarci <>
Subject   st: RSS feed for Statlist
Date   Wed, 4 Nov 2009 21:45:54 +0100

I have came across a RSS feed idea for Statlist: Apparently it is abandoned in 2006. I
am wondering if it is possible to read Statlist messages in a "news reader"
or a "RSS feed reader" such as Windows Live Mail. As some of you might be
familiar, a newsgroup layout makes it much easier to view the messages
because sub-messages are grouped under the main-message, making it easier to
view the content. I avoid using my e-mail client because in that case my
mail box gets too crowded with messages I am not interested, tough I could
get a daily digest. Using the to read statlist messages is not all
that convenient I kust say. You need to put some effort to find your message
in the cloud of other messages. To be brief, is there any prospective plan
for a RSS feed or a newsgroup format?   

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