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st: RE: RE: lev command

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: lev command
Date   Sun, 1 Nov 2009 16:20:33 -0000

Martin is right. I tried -findit lev- but there are just too many hits
to follow up given "leverage" and the like. 

However, it's also true that you did get an error message from Stata.
"code follows on the same line as open brace" means exactly what it
says, and so why is there puzzlement that -lev- is not working? 

In more detail, you have a line something like 

while ... { <code here> 

or something similar with -forval- or -foreach-. 

The <code here> should, I guess, be on the next line. 

I suspect that the program has got corrupted somehow, e.g. by careless
typing, in a copy and paste, or through having passed through a word
processor such as MS Word. 

However, if you have this kind of messed-up line once, odds are you have
it more than once. 


Martin Weiss

What is the "lev" command? Where did you get it? What does -which lev-
you? What did you type, and what did Stata reply? -set tr on- and report
area around the problem!

Roman David Zarate Vasquez

I have a problem with an ado, that is about the lev command=
After running it, Stata throws me the next message error:{program error:
ode follows on the
same line as open brace
r(198);}, I don't know why it is not working.

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