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Re: st: current do file if error message

From   "Michael I. Lichter" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: current do file if error message
Date   Wed, 30 Sep 2009 14:13:51 -0400

If you're on Unix/Linux or use Cygwin or the equivalent you can include a distinctive header in each file that includes the name of the file and use -egrep- and -tail- to locate the name of the last do file that began executing. So, your header might be

// program: -- compute the fritz statistic

and you would run

!egrep '// program: ' master.log | tail -1

which would identify the failed file. It wouldn't be too difficult to write a Stata program to do the same thing using -file read-.


raoul reulen wrote:
I run one master do file that runs ~100 other do-files. When I get an
error message I need to know in what do-file the error occured. Is
there an easy way in Stata to find out what the last do-file was
without having to scroll through the output?


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