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st: RE: graphs and version control

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: graphs and version control
Date   Fri, 25 Sep 2009 18:00:15 +0100

-version- should probably be renamed something like
-settheclockbackincertainverylimitedrespects- but that probably wouldn't
appeal to anyone. 

One fallacy over -version- is that it is a time machine that ports you
back and forth. Another could be called the Russian dolls fallacy, i.e.
the idea that later Statas contain all earlier Statas as logical
subsets. Stata does not work like that, and -version- only sets the
clock back in certain very limited respects, essentially those detailed
in the -help- for -version-. 

As you say, it won't work here. 

As -graph- is tweaked in various ways, inevitably new features are
introduced that would not be understood by earlier Statas. As far as I
can imagine, the only way to deal with that would be for -graph- to
ignore anything it didn't understand -- but that's not compatible with
how it should work interactively, and it would tear holes in your graphs
in an unacceptable way. 

The only way I know to (try to) get your 10 graphs in 9.2 is to try the
same command, ported via a .do file or typed in interactively. There is
no magic work-around. 

[email protected] 

Isabelle Deltour

For a project, I need to work on 2 different platforms. On a remote
connection, I work with Stata 10, and 
I do analyses of my dataset. But I cannot print results from this
location. So I transfer my results to my local PC, where I have Stata
9.2. (+ printer, etc)

If I simply save the graphs using graph save command, then transfer them
to my PC, and attempt to use them, 
I get the error message
. graph use MenAnxiolitics
file MenAnxiolitics.gph is a new format that this version of Stata does
not know how to read

Fair enough.
More interesting if I try to force Stata 10 to save the graph in version
9.2, either by typing version 9.2 as a global or a local command for the
graph, I get the same problem. 

. graph use "MenAntidepressantV9.gph"
file MenAntidepressantV9.gph is a new format that this version of Stata
does not know how to read
suggestion:  type -update query-

(My Stata9.2 is up to date). 

Any suggestions ? (I have not been able to check whether Stata installed
on the remote platform is up to date). 

More specifically, is this a known situation that has been fixed in
updates or the release 11 of Stata, or 
Am I missing a point in the portability of graphs or in the use of
version control?

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