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st: RE: ST: Is STATA working?

From   "Kieran McCaul" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: ST: Is STATA working?
Date   Sun, 13 Sep 2009 06:15:38 +0800

Hi Laura,

Whenever I have to run something on a large dataset and I want to be
sure that it's working OK, I first create a smaller test dataset from
the larger dataset and run the program on this.

If this is your farm/lake data, make a file with only one farm and run
the program on this to make sure that it's finding the closest lake for
that farm.  If it runs and the results look OK, then you can run it on
the main data.

Also, if you're looping through the farms and you have a counter in the
loop (a local `i', for example), you could add the following within that

n di "Farm number `i'"

and this will come up on your screen each time the farm loop begins, so
you can see how many farms have been linked and hence how many there are
to go.

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Subject: st: ST: Is STATA working?

Hi, I am running a huge command wiht more than 1'000'000 operations to
do by STATA, and I wa just wondering how I could assure myself that it
is really computing some results and I am not waiting for Godot in front
of my computer ....?



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